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Nutrition that fits your lifestyle

Counselling, Educational Workshops, Cooking Classes. Services that focus on your skill sets, food preferences and budget; with flexible and effective nutritional counselling tailored to your lifestyle and goals. 


Menu Optimization and Design

Tailor your Gastropub, Restaurant, Diner or Bar's menu to include healthy options while keeping food costs in check, without added inserts on the line, or overwhelming your line staff during peak rush times. 




All estimates are free and flexible to meet your schedule.

All sessions are confidential.

How and what we eat directly correlates with how we feel emotionally and physically.

Food can heal our bodies and minds or it can poison them.

At Boreal Nutrition, the goal is simple: To set you on a sustainable path to success.



Applied Nutritional Sciences - Elevated Learning Academy

Season 4 MasterChef Canada Top 24 Contestant

Certified Butcher - SAIT Meat Cutting Program

Radio and Television Broadcast Degree - Columbia Academy 

Master of Ceremonies - Betty's Run for ALS

10 years Radio Broadcasting





My Promise

Just because it's healthy, doesn't mean it can't be delicious. Together we will tailor a program that fits your goals and lifestyle while focusing on the foods you love. 


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About Me



My nutrition journey  began when I was diagnosed with Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease. Years of unhealthy eating, drinking and hard living had reeked havoc on my insides. In 2010 I lost my sister to a pulmonary embolism; obesity had played a major role. These events inspired me to focus on my health, while driving me to want to help people. 

In 2017 I I took my passion for cooking to the MasterChef Canada kitchen, and delved into the world of nutritional sciences, arming myself with an Applied Nutritional Sciences Degree. I have experience in the trenches on the line in a busy kitchen, and am a trained and certified butcher. I also have 10 years of experience behind a microphone public speaking and broadcasting. 

true wealth comes from good health and wise ways

-Dead Prez